Description of OA System

Implementation of OA System: achieves the automation of work processes, promotes electronic and standardized management, enhances business handling efficiency and strengthens the monitoring and management of internal business processes.

Description of ERP system

Implementation of ERP System: establishes several subsystems, including sales management, planning management, project management, production management, procurement management, warehouse management and quality management subsystems, to achieve the integration and sharing of the company’s internal information resources.

Description of Financial System

The implementation of the financial system achieves the centralized management and control of the financial activities of the subsidiaries

Description of Equipment Management System

The implementation of the equipment management system enhances the equipment management level of the company.

E-purchasing System

The implementation of the e-purchasing system strengthens the regulatory control for the purchasing processes.

Description of DNC System

The implementation of DNC System achieves real time monitoring of the operation status of the equipments as well as the real time collection of those data